FORA means Change

As we celebrate a decade of creating unique eyewear, let's take a walk down memory lane to revisit our production journey and the incredible partners who helped bring our vision to life.

In the early days, FORA found its production home in Italy. Known for its top-tier craftsmanship, Italy was the perfect starting point. Our initial collections, the Hero and Dreamer models, were crafted by skilled Italian artisans who poured their expertise into every detail. Italy’s rich tradition in eyewear manufacturing set the bar high for what we wanted to achieve with FORA.

Soon after our first launch, we stumbled upon a hidden gem closer to home. In the north of Portugal, in the town of Gondomar, we found the only factory of its kind in the country. This wasn’t just any factory; it was a family-owned business where traditional craftsmanship met years of experience. The team had been perfecting their methods for decades, and their dedication to quality was exactly what FORA needed.

This discovery allowed us to closely oversee our production process. The Maker and Goldlover models were the first FORA models produced here, showcasing the meticulous work of Portuguese artisans. Eventually, we moved the production of the Hero and Dreamer models from Italy to Portugal, solidifying our commitment to local craftsmanship.

From 2015 onwards, our relationship with the portuguese factory blossomed. For nearly 8 years, this partnership allowed us to produce eyewear that embodied FORA’s spirit – a blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. The exclusivity of this collaboration enabled us to fine-tune our processes and maintain unparalleled quality control.

As FORA grew, so did our ambition. We wanted to push boundaries, innovate, and expand our offerings. The limitations of local production led us to look beyond Portugal. In 2023, we introduced the Titan model, produced in Japan – a country celebrated for its precision and advanced technology in manufacturing; and returned to Italy, where it all started. This was a pivotal moment for FORA, marking our entry into a new era of global production.

Today, our production network spans the globe. We produced over 30 different models with a few selected factories worldwide, including our trusted partners in Portugal. This global approach makes us more flexible and scalable, allowing us to explore new materials, integrate advanced technologies, and push the boundaries of our creativity.

As we move forward, FORA remains dedicated to producing high-quality eyewear that reflects our passion for innovation and craftsmanship. Our journey has shaped us into the brand we are today and we are excited to continue this journey, exploring new opportunities and setting new standards in the world of eyewear.