FORA means Improvising

Founded just that year, FORA was still finding its footing in the world of fashion and design. With aspirations high but budgets low, there simply wasn't enough money for a proper photoshoot, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Armed with little more than a camera and our sunglasses, we hit the streets of Lisbon with a bold vision in mind. Instead of waiting for models to come to us, we decided to seek out the authenticity and diversity of the city itself.

The approach was simple yet effective: we approached random people on the streets, asking them to try on FORA sunglasses and pose for a couple of photos. What they lacked in professional models and elaborate setups, they made up for with genuine human connection and raw authenticity.

Each person we encountered brought a unique energy and personality to the photoshoot, infusing the frames of FORA sunglasses with life and character.

Reflecting on this experience, we realized the power of improvisation, or in Portuguese “desenrascar”. In the face of limitations, we can’t wait for the perfect moment or the perfect conditions. Instead, we embraced the spontaneity of the moment and allowed creativity to flow freely.

The result? A collection of photographs that not only showcased the beauty of FORA sunglasses but also captured the soul of Lisbon itself. It was a testament to the idea that sometimes, the best moments happen when you least expect them. And all it takes is a willingness to embrace the unexpected and the courage to seize the opportunity, even if it means venturing into the streets with nothing but a camera and a dream.

3 men having a good time with FORA sunglasses
Local model with FORA sunglasses
Local model on a bike with FORA sunglasses
Local model with FORA sunglasses
Three local models with FORA sunglasses
Local model wearing FORA sunglasses
Local model wearing FORA sunglasses