About us

Our Story

FORA was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where the sun shines throughout the year – founded in 2014 out of love for vintage eyewear and sunglass design. 

Back in the day we realized that even though we live in a country where sunny days and outside living are a constant we couldn’t find a 100% Portuguese eyewear brand that offered high-quality sunglasses with a complete collection for every style, face and occasion - so we set out to change that.

Since the beginning FORA has been committed to premium quality and affordable price and today we offer a vast collection of eyewear to pick and choose from.

Handmade in Portugal

Every frame is handmade which means that there are no equal frames. Some imperfections make our frames perfect and unique.

While the majority of brands rely on heavy machinery to create their products we chose the handmade method. Our artisans are expert craftsmen with over 30 years of experience and their hands take the leading role in making our frames.

As an independent eyewear brand we are involved in every part of the process of making the frames so we have total control over the quality of our products – from the moment the acetate is shaped in our factory until it reaches your hands. And face.

Every face has a frame

Round, square, oval, diamond or heart shape. What’s yours? No worries, there’s a frame for you. We proudly have every kind of face covered with a timeless and aesthetic design.

We take pride in creating eyewear inspired by people for people.

Premium affordable eyewear

Since day one we have been committed to our cause: High-quality handmade eyewear made affordable.

Our affordable price is only possible because of our independence as a brand and business. We cut out the middlemen with own stores and online channels. We focus on product quality with eyewear experts and our partnership with ZEISS® lenses greatly contributes to this.

We are the only player in Portugal with this positioning. The road was not easy, but we feel it is the right one.

FORA Means Outside

Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in the world which makes us experts in outside living and the outside calls for sunglasses. One could say Lisbon drove us to making sunglasses.

We believe that outside is where you get the best out of life and FORA sunglasses will always be there with you when you go out.

So get your frames and seize the day. It’s time to get outside. It’s time to get FORA.