This is a guide to help you submit your optical prescription, choose the best corrective lens for your needs and buy your prescription glasses online.

Buy prescription glasses online

You can submit your prescription by visiting our website in the Opticals section and start by selecting your frame. Within the product page press select lenses and there you can choose between uploading, entering manually or emailing your prescription sheet.

We offer 3 types of lenses: Single Vision, Reading and Non-Prescription.

The + or - signs on a prescription indicate the type of prescription needed, negative - signs represent difficulty seeing far away, which can be due to myopia and/or astigmatism, and positive + signs represent difficulty seeing close up, which can be due to hyperopia and/or astigmatism.

Myopia: difficulty seeing in the distance
Hyperopia: difficulty seeing up close
Astigmatism: difficulty focusing

All clear lenses have an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating, additionally you can also select a blue-light filter coating separately.

The blue-light filter in an optical coating designed to reduce exposure to harmful blue light emitted from digital screens, LED lights, and other electronic devices. This filter aims to alleviate eye strain, fatigue, and potential disruptions to sleep patterns caused by prolonged exposure to blue light.

The blue-light filter is an additional finish that can be added to prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Our eyewear is created with high-quality acetates and premium metals, so be sure to take care of your frames. Each pair comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the lenses and a hard case to protect your glasses. To protect your glasses, store them in a cool and dry place. Places with increased amounts of humidity can rust frame hardware. Avoid exposure to high temperatures such as the heat in a car without conditioning (e.g. car dashboard) as high temperatures may alter the features of the glasses. Be sure not to set your glasses face down on any surfaces or to expose them to rough textures such as sand. Do not use any chemicals on your lenses as they may strip away their coating.

Yes, our prescription lenses are warranted for twenty-four months (2 years) from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Coverage is only valid with the proof of purchase (original receipt/invoice) from FORA or from an authorized FORA dealer. Alteration of FORA products will void the warranty. During the term of this warranty, FORA will replace any lens, which is deemed by FORA to possess a manufacturer’s defect. Scratched lenses or other wear and tear as a result of normal use are not covered by this warranty.

For warranty or replacement service, please contact our customer support team at